Friday, February 3, 2012


Our neighbor has been sure our weather station
can't be reading the temperature correctly...

One night we came home and there was a new thermometer
at the bottom of our drive where we have been
plugging in when we are parking.

It showed -39' F
Our house said -34'.

We were minus one car that night because my sub refused to start
and we had to leave it in town.
I think it was making the point that it had had enough of these cold temperatures!!
I finally relented and planned to use bunny boots.. :-(
The next morning we got up and the our weather station said it was -44'
but the parking thermometer showed -59'!

Too cold for the camera or fingers to get a good picture!

Bunny Boots (aka Mickey Mouse Boots) were created by the military
for severe cold weather.

They have double walls and a thick air space between the rubber to keep feet warm.
If you wear them all of the time, they suggest plastic bag liners which
can be easily changed to keep your feet dry.
And, if you fly with them, you want to make sure
the pressure release valve works.
Driving in them is ... different .

The 1000 Mile International Yukon Quest Race is starting soon
and I asked a local musher what the temperature cut off was for starting a race...

The cold is a huge consideration:
-there are only so many layers you can wear and still move
-to care for the dogs you have to be able to cook water, food, etc.  so fingers
will be exposed.
- everyone has to breath which is difficult in the cold.
(Your lungs can actually be damaged and all of the frost on your eyelashes,
muzzle and face mask turns to ice)

This musher has done the Yukon Quest and other races
and said the cut off is usually -30 for the start in our region,
 although if the temps drop
once the race is going, they usually let it finish.
One year they dropped below -70 during the Quest!

I am sure they are all hoping it warms a bit this year.....


  1. Brrrrr! I'd have put on those Bunny Boots when the temps went below -15 or -20. Hope things warm up for the big race.

    1. They are truly warm-- Some even like them for their rubber boot seasons!


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