Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And We Have a Winner~

The 40th running of the Iditarod
was a record-breaker!

Unlike last year, it wasn't the pace that was the record, but the age of the winning musher.
Dallas Seavey turned 25 the day of the restart in Willow
when he began his journey to Nome.
He was younger than the five-time winning Rick Swenson who first won at 26
in the '70's....before Dallas was even born!

There are a few interesting similarities about the two first wins and this was the year
that repeating that strategy was again a winning combination.
Rick Swenson was behind Dallas with his own team moving along the trail.
I wonder what he was thinking as he ran with his dogs.

As the Nursing Daughter and I stood out on the ice just before town
we watched as Dallas and his team loped down the trail.
The young musher high-fived folks as he went by, then started poling his sled again.
As he passed where we were standing on the edge of the trail, and we congratulated him,
he said "Thank you" in a calm voice that didn't sound
like someone who had fought the weather, or been without much sleep
for over a week,
but rather like a nice guy, happy to be running his dogs on a beautiful sunny evening.

Behind this 2011 Yukon Quest winner was his Dad, 52 year old and 2004 Iditarod Champion Mitch, his Grandfather, finisher of the original Iditarod Dan --74 years young .  This year Dan is stopping along the trail to talk to students about the 100 Anniversary of the Historical Serum Run, 
(which is the what the Iditarod is based on) and the history of dog mushing in Alaska.

In front of Dallas at the finish line was his youngest brother, Conway, who was the 
Ceremonial leader at the start of the 2012 Iditarod.
The 15 year old earned that spot by being the 2012 Junior Iditarod winner!
Also under the arches were Dallas's wife and 20 month old daughter.
She gets the new Dodge pickup he won ;o)

How cool is that for a family vacation!

The family that mushes together.....


  1. Congratulations to Dallas! Quite the mushing family he hails from and how lovely to have his father and grandfather on the race with him and his younger brother at the finish line. Thank you for these posts on the race. I just Googled Dallas Seavey and his win is all over the place:)

    1. It must have been so fun for them all to be planning it together! One year Dallas and his wife did it. An exciting year for their family!


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