Sunday, March 11, 2012

Going to The Dogs~

It is Iditarod time...
the race started Saturday, March 3, 
and they have been moving towards Nome everyday since.

The top five mushers have hit the coast where they still have an 
eight hour layover in White Mountain.

If Ali Zurkel wins, we could have the first female champion since 1990.
If Dallas Seavey wins, we could have another Yukon Quest/Iditarod champion.

 Dallas finishing in 2011

If Aaron Burmeister wins, we could have our first Nome-grown win.
If John Baker wins, we could have another back-to-back winner.

The record-breaking Baker team in 2011

Until the teams crosses the finish line,
anything can happen!

and for those of you who wonder if you are too old
be sure to read about Jim Lanier!

Every musher is hoping to hit this final section of trail.....

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  1. They are all winners from where I sit, cozy and warm here a bit further South :) Looking forward to seeing who arrives first at the finish line.


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