Monday, March 26, 2012

Hole-y Sunday Walk~

Two days in a row--Woo hoo!!
We had just a little wind and temps comfortable to be out and about in!
No, this isn't the norm for us.
Usually we can get out most days after February!

But, it was a good day for a walk 
so the Pilot Man, Dexter Dog and I headed out.

We went a different direction and found this one lone tree.

There must have been a lot of people who needed Thneeds here!

This last one standing is probably 50 years old..or more.

This old mining camp is in a sweet spot.  
They used to raise a garden here in the summer.

I had to snap fast to get this one-
On the way back we heard a funny noise, but I couldn't figure out the source 
until the shoes were cleared of boots and snow.

I had ripped them both, leaving big holes!
Time to get out the duct tape.....

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