Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iditarod Mid-Week~

It has been such a busy week.  Nome is a hoppin' place right now!

Going to work Wednesday morning we saw a musher moving towards town along the beach.
At 5:15 it was still really dark.  The trail was lit only by the stars and their headlamp which they fanned back and forth across the trail so the dogs could see where they needed to go.

In the light beam we could see the signature pink booties and dog coats of 10th-placed Dee Dee Jonrowe.  She is a 58 year old breast-cancer survivor who began this race with thirteen top ten finishes!  The highest place was 2nd.  Last year she helped raise funds  along the trail for  a service dog for Logan from Unalakleet who is autistic.

The Swim Team works with Bering Air to offer helicopter tours from the ice behind the Visitor's Center to the final checkpoint, Safety, and back.  

This year every flight was able to see mushers.
But, unlike past years, there were not AnY seals on the ice.
It has been so cold, the ice is too thick for them to break through and bask in the sun!

A seal and musher from 2011

As the helicopter flew along the  coast, the bright sun was intense.  It made for an awfully nice day to
hang out on the ice soaking up
some of that warmth.....

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