Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Iditarod So Far~

We are into the 2012 Iditarod Week..

3 basketball games watched,

2 days of the town swelling in size..
first with basketball players, then race fans.

1 night of northern lights for the visitors to see,

and today we will have a winner for the 40th Iditarod!

The lead teams are in White Mountain finishing up their mandatory 8-hour layover.
They will be able to head out onto the windy trail in a few hours.
At the front of the pack are several teams within a few hours of each other.

A lot can happen between there and the 77 miles to the shores of Nome!
Dogs in the lead have been known to sit down and refuse to budge 
leaving their musher shaking their heads and 
as other teams pass to on their way to the burled arches.

By this time tomorrow we will know this year's story.....


  1. I wonder if my collies would do me the honour ~ I fancy a bit of mushing, but alas, we haven't any snow.

    1. They use all kind of dogs, so they might! Here they use 4-wheelers when they don't have snow and hook the harnesses to them. You could give it a try!

  2. How wonderful for the out-of-towners to witness the Northern Lights! Looking forward to your *winner* post.

    1. They have had the lights almost every night this week so visitors should have been able to see them. Quite spectacular this year!


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