Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jury Duty~

Today I was #34 of 40 jurors called to an extra session.

After a brief introduction, they explained they would need six of us
for a Presumptive Death Hearing.
Did you know a jury has to declare a missing person deceased--or not?
I didn't.

As luck would have it, I was the second drawn from the barrel.
One juror was a cousin to the one of the deceased 
so a 7th was drawn.
Everyone else in the courtroom was excused and the first of two hearings began.

Family members spoke as well as State Troopers.
Surprisingly, we jurors could ask questions as desired.
There were several asked by a couple of people.
After hearing all of the information for the first case, we received our juror instructions and
went to the jury room.
As the appointed foreperson, I filled out the official paperwork as we made our decisions
about the when, how and why????

When we finished we were called back into the court room where the family was told what we had decided and our thoughts were recorded.
 Then we heard new testimony about the second person, who was my son's age,
before returning to the jury room to deliberate.

It was a sad thing to have to decide what happened when someone disappeared,
but in spite of what the Hollywood movie, X X X filmed in Bulgaria (aka. Nome, Alaska) shows,
these folks were not taken by aliens.
Both disappeared in bad weather, and both left families who miss them.
Hopefully our decisions brought them some closure,
and helps them with their futures.....

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