Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Little Fun on the Ice~

The clear, smooth ice has been inviting me for months
so I finally took advantage of its offer
and tried skating on the river after work!

The ice sounded different depending on how solid it was.
The hollow ice must have been the latest overflow.
I tried to stay away the parts that sounded like fall puddles--easily broken!

Dexter Dog doesn't like to be on any ice.  
He kept coming back to check on me to make sure I hadn't gone through.

With the ice ridges and my very limited skating abilities
it wasn't pretty,
but it was sure nice to be out enjoying the warm spring sun.....


  1. We are enjoying a very warm Spring (too warm actually and too early). Love the last shot!

    1. It seems early a lot of places.... Makes me wonder what summer will be like.

  2. I can see little crack lines in the second photo....deep water is a fear of mine. Your repose on the ice looks nice and comfy actually!

    1. The ice is really thick. I think it is frozen to the ground. It isn't very deep by our house. When I broke through once skiing, I touched the bottom with one leg before the other went in.


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