Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday's Reality Story~

This morning I waited for two cars to go by,
before pulling out on to the Kugarok Road.  
It was a Monday morning traffic jam!
The snow was swirling, but didn't seem bad from our house up to the road.
As I came around the corner at the Blue-Light Cabin,
and the two cars in front of me disappeared into the snow
I had different thoughts!
I wasn't expecting a white-out and started watching for the side of the road.
It took twice as long as my usual drive as I became 
up-close and personally aquatinted with some of the reflectors along the edge.

Hmm, this could be a reality show...
Next time you are driving, close your eyes and keep your foot on the gas--
it would be a pretty boring show,
but it would be our reality today!!
As a distraction my mind began to wander letting thoughts of our realities passed through it..

A week ago Sunday we had a blustery, windy day.
What started as a little snow blowing,
ended up a full-blown ground blizzard
with people caught out it in.
Reality in the arctic.....

One group was a group of three seasoned travelers returning to Nome on snowmachines.
They had a gps and were familiar with the route's shelter cabin locations.
When they couldn't get to one, they resorted to soaking a seat in gas and burning it for heat. 
Monday they were picked up with mild hypothermia by Search and Rescue.


The second was a financially sponsored group from Korea who flew into Nome intent
on walking from Wales, Alaska to Russia across about 60 miles of ice.
One detail they forgot was to include those in Nome, Wales, and Russia in the planning.
In the remote cold, poor planning is _________.
They group said they were prepared to swim if necessary.

They were told they could NoT enter Wales, a small village on the coast which is 
not a Port of Entry.
Since they had a visa, they boarded a plane to Provideniya, Russia,
then traveled up to Laverencia where they began walking to Wales.
Part way across the sea they used their satellite phone,
during the white-out blizzard... as they were floating on that piece of ice between the two countries.
They were trying to get help by relaying a message that they had a severe medical emergency.

Because of their choices others risked their lives to try to go pick them up.
First the National Guard was called, but it was too bad for their helicopter.
A local contact called Bering Air, but they couldn't pick them up in a white-out either!

When no one could reach them for a few days, they decided to continue walking to Wales 
where they were picked up and brought to Nome
for medical treatment and customs.

True reality.....

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