Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nearing the End of the Trail~

By Saturday night there were only three mushers left out on the trail to finish.
It has been a successful year for most of the teams.

Finishers have commented on a few storms, lots of wind
and some of the most amazing northern light shows they have ever seen.
I have to admit that when I have been watching those lights, I wondered what it was like out 
on the trail for them.

Throughout the Iditarod there is a lot of media coverage.  
Our local radio stations, KNOM, sends reporters to follow from the start to the finish.
They are the ones who stay out 24 hours a day to provide a spotter vehicle who reports
who is coming in and keep us up to date on the race.

During the week I caught a story about Susan Butcher's family mushing to Nome.
After we dropped the Nursing Daughter at the airport last night, we were driving home and 
spotted three teams moving towards town.

It was Dave Monson and his two daughters..

The lead team was Dave, Susan's husband, and well-known Alaskan musher 
who has a list of wins of his own.

Next was 16-year old Telka Monson, who made this trek with her father before.

The last team was Chisana's, who was wearing her mother's favorite Iditarod suit.
It is still covered with patches from her sponsors and past races.

It was the first time all of them had made this trip together.
I hope it was filled with wonderful memories.....

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