Saturday, March 24, 2012

Out For a Walk~

The sun came shining over the computer this morning.

It was overcast, but 14' above zero by the afternoon.
The Pilot Man asked if I wanted to go for a snowshoe walk with him.
Because it has been so cold on the weekends, this is the first day we have been out.

It was really bright as the sun kept peeking through the clouds.

We saw fox tracks, and spied the fox watching us from up the hill--can you spy her? 

Dexter Dog had a frosty beard..

which he thought it looked better from this side.

He was so freaked about trying to cross the ice he walked back and forth along the shore,
but wouldn't follow us.  
~the tracks along the shore are him pacing~
Finally, when he couldn't see us anymore, he braved the crossing.
Coming back the poor guy walked cautiously with down-cast ears.

Until he neared the shore.
Then his step, and his ears picked up.
He really enjoys his walks,
except for the ice.....


  1. Dexter Dog seems very smart.☺ How deep is the water under all that ice, where you were walking, Sharon? Such a casual thing for you I imagine, but walking on ice over deep water...I'd be like Dexter Dog for sure!

    1. The water by our house is usually one knee-deep or slightly higher at its deepest time. His wariness has saved us more than once crossing the rivers!

  2. Like Wanda, I'd be just like Dexter Dog! Nice shot of the sunshine through the window. No snow here anymore but it is a lot cooler than last week and the wind has a big bite today :)

    1. I wonder if you sent your wind is very nippy and cold! Do you want it back? :o)

  3. I wonder if it was the same fox that looked in your window a few years ago....probably not...


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