Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raven's Play~

It has been a week of Raven lovin' days.
They actually seem to enjoy the windiest, blowiest days
as they dip and dive playing on the currents.

As I carefully treaded over the smoothed out ice, trying to stay upright 
against the wind from the pool to the car,
they swooped and dove in the perfectly blue sky.
I was told by a bird expert that Ravens ...
mate for life,
are mischievous,
and will take food someone else has collected!
Some might call that being a scavenger,
others smart.

They also enjoy games and playing with wind,
like some people!

The wind has blown the non-shore-fast ice out to sea
leaving a bright blue patch of water. 
When I tried to stop and take a picture of the open lead on the way home,
I couldn't get the car door open against the wind.
Looking back through the crack in the door,
I snapped this shot.

We are warmer this week-today was up into the + 20's!
And we need to remember the wind is helping the sun with breakup......  

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