Friday, March 23, 2012

Springtime Mixup~

It is truly springtime in Alaska..
Long, sunny days are followed by blowy, snowy ones.

We never know for sure which it will be.....


  1. Looks like your weather is turning quick too. Is that typical right on the heels of the Iditarod?

    1. Usually it warms up around now and we have a few more snow storms, but the temps stay up. Even though we haven't gone above 20 the long, sunny days are beginning to melt things a little more each day.

  2. Things are mixed up here as well. No more snow on the ground and last week the weather was way too warm for this time of year. My magnolia tree is blooming as are my hostas. With cooler weather arriving this week we are going to have to cover everything and hope we don't loose them :(

  3. I hope they do okay! I didn't know hostas bloomed....


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