Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three Hundred Fifty-Six Or So~

Today is last day of my 
Year of Taking Pictures Every Day Commitment.

In reality, I probably missed about ten days.
That would make it 355...
except this was a Leap Year and I took a picture!

It was supposed to be a learning tool...
Not sure how much I learned about taking better pictures, but I did learn a few things!

There were days that I went to bed only to remember as I was falling asleep, 
so had to crawl back out to capture a picture for the day...
Then there were other days I took over 500 (yep..5 zero, zero-love those big memory cards!)
I figure it all worked out in the end.

Living where we do, we are lucky to see many shots I think are worth capturing!!
I hope you have enjoyed watching the days through the 
window of my camera ;o)

Thanks for taking the time to check them out
and letting me know what you think!

One final shot in this year of pictures~

It must be spring...we have flowers blooming in the house!

(The following is best recited in a New York accent)

Tis tis spring
the boyd is on the wing.
But that's absoid 
the wing is on the boyd.....


  1. 500 photos in one day!....that beats my 300 or so!

    Lovely (geranium ?) and cute poem, Sharon!

    1. I may have been carried away doing 500...there was a LOT of deleting!! :-) Your pictures are lovely.
      Yes, those are geranium blossoms. They love our longer days.
      The poem was handed down from Grandfather, to Pilot Man, to our kids. I don't say it as well as he does, but it is kind of fun!

  2. Love the poem and the bloom! Congratulations on completing your 365 photo project:)


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