Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Windy Whirls~

When the mushers hit the Coast they talk about how bad the winds are.
Surprisingly, when it is really cold in Nome,
we don't have much wind.
Until this March!!

I took some pictures on the river to give you an idea of what the teams coming in
are having to deal with..
This happened to be on one of the LeSs windy days
(because the other days were too cold if you didn't have to be out there!)..

One of the teams was spotted from the air as they hit a patch of ice in this wind.
The dogs continued straight,
the sled and musher spun to the side forming a 'U' with the whole unit.
Mushers reported having to stay on their sleds or they were blowing away as
the teams pulled.
Lucky were those who had well-trained leaders that stayed the course 
without being led.

Over hills, over dale, windy wind blows everywhere.....

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