Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Special Easter~

On Easter we had a family conference call.
The Flyer Son is in charge of setting up the date and time
then notifying everyone.
The Barrister Son sends out the AgEnda :o)

This time the two wives and future-wife were included.
Only one person missed their chance to speak.
Typically everyone begins with their current status, activites, stories,
then it is open for questions.
*One of the children is particularly opposed to "side-conversations".

The conference calls are really quite a good idea.
With all of us so far away, it helps keep us connected.
And we all know what is happening...usually.

This time The Pilot Man was in Denver for training and we weren't sharing
our single line,
but when the Flyer Son and his wife stayed on the line to talk after everyone else hung up
 we listened together about future housing, deployment :-(
and that they are pregnant
(hApPy DaNcE)

We are going to be grandparents!!
What gender holiday attire will it need?

Later that afternoon, the Barrister Son called back to talk.
He had made a deal with his wife..he would go to IKEA if he could talk to his Mom
while his wife shopped.

Then the Engineering Son called to chat again and asked if I had an
oPiNioN on where they should go to grad school.

I was feeling like a pretty lucky person,
even home alone with a sad dog and no Easter Bunny.....

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