Monday, April 2, 2012

April Foolishness~

Yesterday was April 1st,
and so I thought it was a great day to take a break from taking pictures.
It was windy outside,
we were warm inside,
and I wasn't inspired by anything I saw so left my camera upstairs.
And went to bed.

One thing about this crazy winter is we have a frozen mound of snow
up to about window level between us and the river.
It has created a stage at just about eye-level as you lay down to sleep.

As I was drifting off, a flash of movement caught my eye
and I sat up to see a cross-fox sniffing along on the stage.
So, I gently "tapped" the Pilot Man and leaped up to get a closer view.
No camera in hand :o(
But, the fox was searching along slowly, so I ran up and grabbed the camera and raced back down.
The fox was still there... but the camera was too late
as he decided to turn away and walked down to the river and crossed.

So I went back to bed..
And then I saw the ptarmigans coming across.

Once again I bounded out of bed to watch as
they hung out a little, ate a bit and then went around the corner of the house 
and headed west.

So I went back to bed..
Until the dog came sniffing along looking for the visitors he had missed.

Sleep came a little bit later,
after the critter parade.....

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