Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moose on the Loose~

As I was trying to get to my clinic today,
I took a wrong turn.  

Yes, I had a map....
and was told it was sOOO easy I couldn't miss it
(why do people say that, it is like a guarantee you will
get lost???)....

Anyway, I missed the building and took a wrong turn,
but was pleasantly surprised by the sights.

It must have been hard for them to bend down to reach the tender new grass.

The little one couldn't decide if it wasted to stand for dinner..

Or kneel.

It must have been exhausting trying to find food after the record levels of the snow in 
Anchorage this past winter.

After taking pictures, I traced my way back to the correct parking lot where
I parked then wandered around on foot looking for the proper building.
When I spotted some other coaches we made our way to building--
 and finally found the 2' X 3' monochromatic name sign along the iNsiDe wall by the door.

During a break in our meeting we looked out the window and saw 
another moose snacking in the brush behind us.

Seeing it prompted someone to tell about  a moose that trampled someone going to the 
UAA Library just a short distance from here.
They also said the video is even on youTube...

When the meetings were over and we went to leave we discovered aNoTHer moose 
chomping down a little tree right out the door.

It was really patient for the clinicians from the lower 48 to have their picture taken
with a moose up close in the background.

But, when the ears went back, the people quickly dispersed!

Just to be safe.....


  1. Fabulous pictures and what a treat for those from the lower 48 to be able to witness.

  2. HI Sharon you left this comment but you are a no reply blog...I need your addy ( email) sew we can add you to blog hop for red white and blue...

    Sharon Dawn has left a new comment on your post "Celebrate Red, White and Blue, next blog hop July ...":

    This is a great idea! I would like to come play too. Please add me to your list.



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