Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sad Dog Day~

It has been a long, cold winter for Dexter Dog.  
We have watched him loose weight
until his once muscular body, looks bony.
At times, the stairs and rises are hard for him to negotiate.
Although his heart and his mind are still  the same, 
he sometimes forgets his body isn't.

Yesterday he came bounding down the hill to greet me as I drove in.  
Usually I open the door to say "Hi" and he is right there waiting.
But this time he wasn't.
I looked and called and found him making pained noises
and trying to move on three legs :-(

It appeared he had slid on the ice under the light snow covering.
He must have landed on his hip or something
hurting his leg badly.

I talked to him trying to calm him, then was able to walk him a little ways up 
the hill.
There he stopped and took a rest.
When I tried to help him up, he couldn't get up.

After getting him a little food with medicine,
and rubbing on him a bit,
he was able to hop up a little further
before taking another rest.

After about an hour we had worked our way to the house where he let me 
lift him onto the deck.
When he couldn't get up over the door jamb,
he allowed me to carry him in and to his bed.
I had to take off my boot under him because he was on them with the bad leg
and couldn't move off it.

He hasn't wanted us to lift him or help him lately,
 so he must have been quite shaken.

But today he is outside and doesn't want me to bring him in the house..

even with this lousy snow and whipping wind we are having.


I am trying to remind myself, he has been choosing to be outside at -30'-
and he is a dog after all!
But I sure would feel warmer if he was in the house and a 4-legged critter again.....


  1. That is sad, I would be concerned too that he seems to need to be old is Dexter Dog? Hope he feels better after a little rest.

  2. Oh these pictures of Dexter Dog are breaking my heart. Poor old fellow. I hope that his leg/hip injury isn't too serious and that he is able to heal.


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