Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shovel, Chevy 4-W and Me~

I was a bit preoccupied as last week ended and the weekend hit.
The result was a few lapses
in JuDgEmEnT:

1) I broke the Cardinal Rule of Fuel and left town with less than
a quarter of a tank.
2)  When the snow and wind started on Saturday, I didn't drive the car up the road.
3)  Didn't buy milk.

After our typical Easter weekend weather--
snow blowing straight across, then warming to flying chips of ice--
it was Monday and time for work.
Sunday night I checked WeatherUnderground which said to expect more of the same
glorious weather, so I went to bed inspired.

During the night I came up with several plans for dealing with Monday.
My personal favorite was 'P' (pulling up the covers and waiting for the day to be over!)

A little after 5 the AM Guard called and said she was stuck so couldn't open the pool
That was a good indication of what things looked like in town.
Plan P was looking better!

But when darkness began to fade, the day looked brighter than predicted.
And, since the dog was looking fairly chipper, in a non-mobile sort of way,

I decided maybe I could leave him for a while and go to work.
So I dress for the weather and went to check out the road.

Our parking spot looked doable and I started out on the road.
Until I saw a stretch of drifted snow...
the wet soggy kind that likes to catch my running-boards and build under 
the Sub until it is high-centered.

When I looked up I noticed that beyond that stretch, the road looked cleared.
As I walked further, I discovered that the rest of the road, beyond my little patch
was in good shape all the way up to the bar.
All I had to do was clear that "little" bit so I could pass.
That was all...

With my favorite shovel, I cleared a path wide enough for the Sub's running boards,
low enough to clear underneath,
and solid enough to drive across.

Two and a half hours later,
the Chevy 4-W Drive Feature did its stuff
and the Sub was across that little Patch
and there was still enough gas to get to town!!

One scoopful at a time.....


  1. Two and a half hours of exercise is how I would look at it....a healthier you!

  2. Slow and steady wins the race and a good shovel helps too!


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