Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Firsts, And an Update~

The first time anyone has driven up to the house in 2012!
The Pilot Man and his Chevy 4-W Drive made it through while I was at work.

The Dexter Dog is now a 3.5-legged creature. Sometimes the fourth leg works too,
but he can't always count on it.
He still likes to get out and roam about, but this punchy snow
is a challenge for him.

The first Forget-Me-Not volunteers are
bursting from their beds.  

Looking forward to those little blooms to brighten out days .....


  1. Your drive is curvy like mine, during heavy snow periods husband is fearful of losing the drive in the snow. Hope Dexter Dog has a good spring.

  2. Good to see someone made it up the drive! Love that you have a wrap-around deck. So sad to see that Dexter Dog's leg is not doing well.

  3. Been catching up here for a while and so good to read about your sons and their achievements, well done you for raising them! Give Dexter Dog a hug from me too.


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