Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Time in Fairbanks~

The man who met the jet was wearing 

And this little creation was in the parking lot...

These sights combined with the warmth and melting snow soon gave me to know
Spring had Sprung in Fairbanks.

For years I have driven by this refuge,
but have never known what it was.
Since I had a little time before I could check into the motel,
I decided now was the time to explore!

I love the shape of the barns.

You never know where those ruby slippers will take you!
While I was here the Flyer Son texted and said 
they would just hold on to Toto if the tornados hit
as predicted in their area..

The graceful swans do a slow, rolling high-step when they walk.  

See the swan heart?

A photographer at this corner told me she caught this year's first goose
on Monday,  April 9, and the other birds have been
arriving since then.

To encourage the birds to stop by and feed before they go on to lay their eggs and raise families, 
the field is cleared of snow, and grains are put out.

Such a delightful discovery-
They have combined history, science with a peaceful place to sit and watch.

It is hard to imagine that anything but a carefree spring day could be 
occurring today..... 


  1. Love your red shoes! Hope your son is safe from the threatening weather. I blog with Elaine at Artic View...she shows photos of geese gathering at Creamer's Field every fall and spring.

    Maybe she was the photographer you met!

  2. Never seen a three wheeler like that before. Very neat! Love your red shoes and the geese have been gathering here again too! Love the vents on the roof of those barns.


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