Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a Difference 75 Degrees Can Make~

Finally, finally
Time, weather and I came together!


These cones made it through the winter and are just coming out from under the snow.

New willows are bursting to bloom with fresh growth.

I am so glad it warmed up from what the temps were six weeks ago.
Riders are supposed to have the final snow machine race of the 
season this weekend.
Hopefully they do it early in the day so the snow still has a crust on it.

The snow was is a little punchy and disappearing quickly.
Several times I sunk on my skis into holes hidden by the snow.

But it sure was a nice view rolling over like a turtle to look at the sky.....


  1. Glad the weather has taken a turn for the better up your way. Great photos as always and the last one is fabulous!


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