Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Cranes Have Returned~

Let summer begin!


  1. Thanks for checking out DTTD - I don't think I've "met" a blogger from Alaska before :-)

    I just read through some of your recent blog posts - all that snow in May is making me shiver! Our snow has been gone since we had a really warm week in March. Although it's been known to snow here in May on occasion.

    Fingers crossed that the cranes have brought the summer with them to Dexter!


    1. There are several bloggers up here...and they cover a variety of topics. Alaska is very diverse.

      I spotted a person going for a walk in shorts, tank and flip flop yesterday. The temperatures had reached 45' above zero! The kids have been out riding bikes in short-sleeves for weeks. Everyone is happy to get out and enjoy the warmth as our days get longer!

      Thanks for checking out my blog, and letting me know you were here,


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