Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer is Almost Here~

On the radio this morning,
the DJ announced, "Summer is Almost Here!"

I looked out my window at the white packed firmly around the willows and thought
maybe he was looking at something I wasn't?

So I went to look in a different direction.

Maybe he had seen how the pond ice was turning punchy?
And the way the snow pack was cleaving off at the edge of the pond,  
making smaller pieces to melt?

Perhaps he had noticed how the long sunny days were working on the layers of 
snow and ice?
Melting them into fine, fragile crystals.

Or while walking, he spied roads that were beginning to be exposed? 

Whatever his clues were, I decided I liked his prediction,
and chose to go with it!
Let the break up continue.....


  1. Let the break up continue indeed. The promise of a new season lies just below the surface. Enjoy the warmer weather.

  2. Spring thaw takes time, I guess.


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