Monday, May 28, 2012

Try, Try Again~

Have you ever looked at something and wanted to make it,
try to do so,
and have it fail,

A while back I saw a recipe for cream puffs that looked so delicious I wanted to make them for friends.
So I tried.
And they were miserable.
I don't even have a picture before they went into the garbage, unsalvageable.
One more cooking failure ;o)

But, with some encouragement (Thanks Paula!)
I decided to try it again.

So, while the Daughter tried out a new recipe for dinner~

Esmerelda and I were scheduled for dessert...

 Mixing and getting them into the oven went okay...just like the first time.

They weren't perfectly smooth or shapely but looked okay
and sounded good,
so I was still hopeful
holding my breath.

The success test came when I cut them open..
Last time they were runny and mushy inside although the outside looked good.

But this time,
this time they were cooked inside as well as outside.
Yep, HaPpY DaNcEs were done!

Since we are chocolate lovers they were filled with chocolate rather than vanilla,
a finger-licking good kind.

You might cringe, 
but Cool Whip was next,
another favorite dipper.

And they were presented for the taste test.


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