Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We Are An Island~

It has been warm while we have been gone.
Not record breaking, but definitely snow melting temperatures.
Unfortunately the ice isn't melting as quickly as the snow,
causing a bit of an high-water situation,
which has created an island along the river.

The driveway is underwater as the water runs down to the pond from the river overflow
on the west side.

Small sections of the road and drive have been washed away by the powerful rush.

Even Dexter Dog doesn't want to walk in the frigid ice water.

This side of the house is a little calmer than the river-side.
The water is sounding pretty angry over there
as it tries to push the ice downriver.

It isn't nearly as bad as the flood of 2002, but still plenty of water to 
give the newly returned Nursing daughter some 
big puddles to splash though.....


  1. Hopefully the ice breaks up quicker than the flood waters want to rise. Glad to see that your daughter is home for a bit.

  2. Here we had a lot, I mean a lot of water, but without the icey conditions and snow you are having. I liked looking at the vehicle 'fit for purpose' - I used to have an ancient Jeep Cherokee which I loved. BTW - Your friend 'J' - I miss her. Tell her I send love. Take care on ice, you don't want to do what I did, altho' the cast was removed today so I'm v happy ♥ liZZie


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