Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Wonders~

During the night there were strange noises in our condo.

I wandered around in the morning but didn't see anything amiss.
so decided it must just be noises I wasn't used to.

It was a beautiful sunrise on the mountain!

Remember the 100 jars of Fireweed Jelly we made last summer?
Well, the bride's family made 100 jars of Huckleberry Jam as well..
and now it was time to get started decorating them all!
Before I flew down I had pre-cut the fabric squares, so went to work.

It was really quiet as I puttered around except for this occasional muffled banging noise...
After a while I located the source...a bird trying to escape through the window!

The little guy had quite a grip on the wooden window trim.
I didn't want to rip off the claws so tried to rock him gently, but he held tight!
After a while he loosened one side, then the other.

While working to loosen its hold, we spotted another bird bEhInD the couch,
who wasn't successful in its escape :-(

Carefully we took the delicate bird outside.

And placed him on the rock rail.

 We weren't sure if he was going to make it, but eventually he disappeared.
There may have been a nest in this fireplace!

Other critters were on the mountain..
this deer was kind enough to pose and
I am told the bushes are Huckleberry with the taller ones producing berries for jam! 

That night the sun gently spotlighted the lake below, as it was setting.

Such a pretty, pretty place.....

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  1. The view from your condo is gorgeous! I had birds (pheasants) and deer around here last week too. The pheasant hit the outside of one of our windows quite hard and was knocked onto our deck. It was pretty stunned but flew away in fine form after about 15 minutes. The deer was grazing on the property across the street from us. Glad you were able to get that little feathered friend outside and hope it's going to be just fine.


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