Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Denali in the Evening~

We arrived in the Denali Station around 8 PM.
After a bit of confusion --caused by me-- we found our bag but found we had missed the shuttle.
A helpful railroad worker pointed us in the right direction, another person made a call,
and, within minutes, the kind folks from the 
Princess picked us up to drive us to the Wilderness Lodge.

They said it was only a two mile walk...but in which direction, they couldn't tell us :-)
After watching where we were supposed to go, it is a good thing we didn't set off 
without clear instructions--we might still be out there!

 While checking in, the friendly desk clerk informed us that it never really got dark.. 
leaving us lots of daylight to burn!

So the two of us grabbed a map and headed out to make a plan for the next day.
They have done a fantastic job of creating trails and paths in the Entrance Area! 
Those on foot can 
easily navigate with a map where they want to go.

On the way back we tried a different route to the Princess.  
As we rounded a corner I spotted a brown "mass".
Not sure what it was, I asked the Daughter --who was the one with her eyes on -- 
and she said, "It is a moose, a BIG one!"

Good thing someone was watching ahead..

It became clear that waiting the moose out might not work,
with all of the fresh fodder to feed on, so we turned back to go another route.

where the flowers were prettier..

and the creatures smaller.

Along the path we noticed there were a few hold-outs to the commercial $$ progress 
near the hustle and bustle.
We assumed these were homesteaders who had long ago built their cabins.
The sweet little places had amazing views!

They had created their own "gated communities."

The commercial properties had the same views, 
if not the classy character.

But look at those pretty beams inside!

Doesn't this looks like a nice place to relax after a day of trekking about.....

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  1. Pretty sure I would have left that moose too! Love the gate at the *gated* community and that lodge is beautiful. Looks like a wonderful day you had.


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