Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Hike to the Top..Sort Of~

With a map,
gear for any type of weather,
snacks, water and first aid supplies,
we headed off on along the tracks.

The night before we had decided to begin with the 
Mount Healy Overlook Trail.
It was slated as a strenuous hike with rises of up to 25%
and an elevation change of 1700 feet each direction (Up & DoWn).  

The trail began by heading along the railroad tracks
and turning left into the trees..

then right at the marker..
(with our own Sacajawea leading the way) 

A guy with a really biG camera offered to take our picture right as we were starting
so this is our "Before" shot.

Then onward..  ice and packed snow still on the creeks.

And up we went from there.

Oh, look, a flower..

Around the corner and look at that view!

Oh, look a flower..

Around the corner and look at that view!


switch-backs up the trail, corner..


Beginning to see a pattern here...

But now we are 
at (gasp) the (pant) top!

Yep, I am "glowing" damply!  
We were told it was an unusually Nice Day in Denali.

We had lunch at the top at the end of the trail and talked about what to do.
We still hadn't seen McKinley and the guide had said we could from UP there.
Maybe that viewing spot was on the path behind us leading further up?

We watched the south-bound train come in from Fairbanks.
And kept looking behind us at the un-maintained trail...

Those rooftops below are where we were staying.

The daughter packed had Girl Scout cookies because they are "Good anywhere!"

This flight was doing a McKinley Tour so we knew the mountain was around somewhere...

What to do, what to do?

Head down or continue up.....

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