Monday, June 25, 2012

Mining News Continues~

Recently it has been suggested that I have been assuming the new miners/dredgers
coming to town 
may not be the brightest or sharpest crayons in the box-
possibly even "Riff Raff".

I will admit to being guilty of being skeptical, and have since seen signs of forethought 
and planning that have surprised me,

within minutes of the beginning of the Miners' Safety Class at the pool in May
we had Steve R., from the B.S. Gold Show do a straight-down dive in the 3ft water,
followed by another guy informing us that he had a patent and by next year would own all of Nome
("So Steve Gates should just move over"--yes, that was a quote)

and then this past week.....

is a Nome Nugget Newspaper article about a guy (from the same show)
who missed his boat ride and decided to SwIm in the 41'f to the dredge
and got lost in the fog for 2.5 hours!!!!
He was lucky to be rescued by the local guys!

On a more positive note,
I thought this was a well-informed ad from our NomeAnnounce 
(the local version of Craig's List)

Dredge Diver, tender, Lic. crane /equ. operator
I'm looking for work.
$100 reward for job lead that pans out.
with 11 years Alaskan experience.
*NCCCO Crane License / Cert.
*Certified SCUBA diver 10+ yrs
*Local Refferances
*Logistical Planning for parts, food & all aspects of bush projects
*Hazmat, 1st Aid, CPR, 
*Welding, Fabricating
*V8 & small engine rebuilds
*Claim Staking, drafting & mapping 
*Foreman exp., reliable.
*Camp cooking
*Good Credit
I'm looking for work dredge diving / mining for (___?% crew share) or $____, 
If you have no experiance dredging in Nome thats ok.
If your only paying by the hour some of these questions will not apply.
I have had a few vague verbal offers which changed every time I followed up on them. 
Your answer to these questions will help me to evaluate my chance of a good payoff with your crew on a crew share basis.
I don't want to turn down a better offer because I misunderstood your offer so please fill me in on these details. 
It's ok if you don't know, then give me a hi-low range.
Please describe your opportunity:
Dive shift duration_______ & dives per day______?
Night shift if on a pay streak ________?
Warming shack for wet diver ________? 
What %___ of crew share your offering the divers?,
Number of crew # _______?, 
Dredge size 4"6" or 8"_________? 
Length of your dredge platform _______?
Is your rig equipped with hot water heater __________? or dry suit provided _______ ?
Are your on your own claim __________?, or public beach which West_________? 
Spare parts on hand so only down time is due to bad weather _________?
Please include your Ph # if you prefer me to call you.
Thanks for your consideration.

A n d  three barges have come in since break up...

but, several hopeful miners have not been able to pick up their dredging equipment
because they forgot to plan for shipping costs...
and they cannot take possession until those are paid...
so they sit,

While others are ready to hit the water
and let the gold begin to flow.....

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  1. This post was my morning chuckle. Thank you :)


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