Thursday, June 7, 2012

Onward and Upward~

Since it was..
~such a nice day
~we were told we could see McKinley from the trail- but hadn't yet
~the trail was right there
~and it wasn't t o o f a r to the top on the next rise

we decided to pack our things and continue further up the mountain.

until we were about eye-level with the snowy peaks.

But, the trail went higher...

We found it to be a wee bit windy as we went up.

That must be why the flowers grow really low to the ground.

This was a curious little guy!

Looking down from where we were..

As we came over each rise...there was another one,
then another..
so we decided this would be the last one we would explore.

I had an amazing view from this outcropping but was careful to stay low so I didn't blow off!

Then we headed down, down..

There were some cool, natural stairs.

Back down to the trees

And finally, below the trees which blocked the view.

Where a moose had passed ahead of us..

and there were tall, delicate lupines..

cool refreshments were found at the bottom..

which we enjoyed while we decided where to head to next.
There were so many options.....

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  1. What an amazing view! After all that hiking you deserved ice cream as a reward. I am really impressed by that water vending machine. I have never seen one where you could provide your own bottle. That's a fabulous idea. Was the creature checking you out a marmot?


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