Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Playtime and Naptime ~

This has been an easy year for muskox watching as
they wander all over the area.
Because they have lots of babies to protect they are more dangerous.
Fish and Game and the police have tried to move them away from town when they hang out,
but the muskox can be pretty stubborn.
We never know where we will spot them, especially with all of the fog
we have been having!

One night these little ones were
their frolicking about in a ravine by the road..

They were so fun to park and watch!
I thought the Nursing Daughter did a good job capturing their mood in the sunshine!

These three bulls must have been pushed from the herd.  
They always wander alone and were sleeping when I left work.

This is the first year I have seen so many of the muskox bedded down.

When I went to open for Morning Lap Swim it looked like this herd 
was breaking into the school!
Maybe they wanted out of the fog?  
Note:  This is what 5 AM is looking like now..with fuzzy fog.

This guy didn't want to let me pass into the parking lot.

Somebody took a 6-7 day old muskox with them, "Because the Mom ran off
and the wee one couldn't keep up!  She just left it there!"
Fish and Game had to take the baby from these x*x*x people.
Of course the herd wouldn't accept the little one back, so they sent it to the
Large Animal Farm at the University in Fairbanks. 
So far it is doing okay.

Don't you wonder what the people thought?  
Didn't they know that cute little thing would GROW??
If they would have left it alone, the Mom would have come back as soon as 
they were gone.
Muskox are usually very good Moms!

We are hoping people keep their distance and 
let the herds rest peacefully.....

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  1. It's so sad that the someone took the baby and now it won't be accepted back into the herd. I'm glad that it's doing O.K. so far at the animal farm at UofF but the poor little thing's place is with the herd :(


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