Sunday, June 10, 2012


The Stroke-n-Croak Triathlon
is a fun little annual event in town.
It is open to individuals and/or teams,
of all levels.  
Our family has been involved in all parts over the years-- 

In 2008 the daughter and I did it with a friend just before she left for the Peace Corp.

She is back now and rallied us get the team together again!

The first leg is a one mile swim...32 laps in our pool.

Because the Nursing Daughter and I were on the jet that landed at 12:30
and the race started at 1 PM,
she was the last swimmer put in the water.  
It worked out well because she was able to use the time to get ready.
Her first place swim time gave our team a little advantage   ;o) 

The second leg is a run to the Rec Center...4+ miles.
Our Peace Corp runner was cRuiSin' 
and didn't even see the big ol' muskox just off the road!

The runner tags the biker--me, aka The Slower Leg..

The Pilot Man was kind enough to bring bikes (with oiled chains and full tires)
and a helmet to the airport for us... ThAnKs!
I thought it was going to be cold, so adjusted the helmet for my hat, then didn't need one, but forgot to tighten the straps--good thing I didn't need my brain bucket!
It really greened up while we were gone and there wasn't any snow like other years, 
so it was a nice, sunny 8+ ride.

As the wind picked up at home after the race, the water shimmered as it danced 
in the late afternoon sun. 
But it didn't keep this kid out of the water.....

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  1. Very aptly named event. I'm really impressed that you, your daughter and her friend compete in it. Congratulations and Bravo for braving the chilly dip at the end of it all.


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