Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Horseshoe Lake Trail~

And then...
          and then...

 we decided to do one more short hike on the way back to the lodge-
The Horseshoe Lake Trail.

My Vanna White impression :-)

It seemed like a really gentle slope after our early trek!
The crew was working on the trail and a couple were kind enough to 
answer our questions about their jobs.
When they are done, the trail will be wheelchair accessible to this 
cool little lake and huge beaver dam!

We may have been getting a little giddy by now...

Note the bags on the edge of the trail...
they were filled with gravel or sand (depending what they needed for that spot) 
and place by a helicopter with really good aim!
It saved the crew a lot of wheelbarrow trips.

This trail was down first, and then up.
The opposite might be easier???

Then it was off the trail and back onto the tracks we started on in the morning...
seems like we covered a lot of ground in between!

After noticing so many bright yellow plants, we found that volunteer groups are working hard to eliminate the fast-growing, invasive dandelions from the park.   

Ahhh, this felt good!

We had a hopeful visitor during dinner as we sat on the deck looking back at the 
ridge we had been on only a few hours before.

It had been a really, good day.....

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