Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 4th - Nome's Way~

On the eve of July 3rd,
our boys called to talk about the next day.

The Fourth of July in Nome has time-honored traditions~

1)  The 12.5 mile Anvil Mountain Run at 8 AM sharp!
2)  The parade which still allows candy to be tossed out
3)  Street Games where you can win silver dollars for 1st, 2nd & 3rd
4)  Free ice cream served by the Volunteer Fire Department

This was the first year one of our sons hasn't run the Anvil Mountain Run since 1998.
The top local runners have been asking if any were returning for the race,
and smiled happily when we said "No"...

For our family it was a Father-Daughter time.

The Father ~

The Daughter ~

As the runners headed uphill, fog engulfed the mountain, 
disorienting the runners as they worked to find their
way down the face of the mountain.

The Daughter came up on runners trying to find the path around the last ditch ridge.
She led them over it --locals ya' know!

Towards the end of the day spotters found another runner who had missed the turn in the fog
 and was headed to Dexter,
but didn't know it.

The Pilot Man can now add #28 to his completion list.

After the parade, the Nome Girl Scouts did a flash-mob
to celebrate Girl Scouts' 100th Birthday!

These girls (and two moms) worked to earn the girls' GS Gold Award.
Dancing in the streets may have been more challenging!!

One of the sons is spending his first summer in the Lower 48
where it gets dark at night,
there is no morning run,
no parade with candy,
no street games,
or Fire Trucks that block the street for ice cream

Ah, those little details..

There are always parts of home to be missed.....

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