Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And the Geese Grow On~

The geese enjoyed a breakfast of tender shoots of grass
in the misty shade below the house.

The little one always look a little prehistoric to me at this stage.
They are growing so fast!

And they know how to swim so well.....


  1. I am so glad I came upon your blog via the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop. I commented on your outstanding pinwheel block and bag. I saw some of your gold dredge posts. I haven`t seen a large dredge since we left Fairplay Colorado.

    We are placer miners in Arizona having a claim a few miles up the road. We meet lots of folks who are going to get rich overnight till the hard work and reality come into play. There are a couple of shady types in town so I don`t blog much about it. After 40 years we still love it. Dredging in Colorado was great, now we get dusty. I`m following your blog now. Your pictures and insights are pretty darn good. Love the geese pictures. We lived in the flyway in Utah. It was great!

  2. Love the field of yellow in the background of the first shot, oh and the geese are lovely too ;)


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