Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Day on the River~

On the Pocket List for Summer 2012
was a canoe ride.
We have done different parts of the Nome River, but never the Snake River,
so I suggested we do the Snake River Bridge to Bering Air.
It is about 10 miles by road from the bridge and going towards the coast.

So on a beautiful summer day,
the Daughter and I set off to check C.R. off of the list.

It was the first time we have loaded and tied the canoe ourselves.
Note to selves:  
Pay more attention when others are taking care of important details!
On the happy side..we made it over hills and dales with the canoe in place.

Then we paddled.
Five hours and twenty minutes ;o)

It was a lovely day!

Snacks...because Girl Scout Cookies go everywhere!

Saw lots of tracks: Momma and Baby moose, birds, and bear.

Bugs and willow wisps floated along the calm edges.
Then we rounded a corner and the river was BLOCKED!
Fish and Game/NSEDC had a weir which forces the fish through a small 
counting channel.
The count is used for successful fish management.

As I scouted for portage around the weir, the counter-guy offered to help us get
our canoe through at the edge of the weir.
Much easier than hauling it!

He said he hadn't seen many fish yet.

And we were off paddling again,
trying to remember the words to a complete song..

then saw this informative sign~

This might be more necessary for those with motors going upstream who hadn't
yet found the weir!

By now the sun was really warm, but the breeze kept the bugs away.

As we neared the coast the wind picked up and we had to paddle harder to get 
through the water against the incoming tide.
Closer to the ocean there were more fish jumping so
in a few days that counting crew will have more to do than help with canoes!

Luckily, we had a perfect day to check this off the Pocket List.....


  1. Weren't you afraid of losing those all that rough water? ☺

    Beautiful peaceful scenes, Sharon!

  2. What a gorgeous day you had on the water! Lovely photos.


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