Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid-Week Sightings~

It has been one of those are a few random parts~

I haven't figured out why, but this year we have the beautiful fireweed
blooming in abundance!
If you have been following a while you may remember that we picked blossoms 
It was kind of a challenge and we had to really search for those blossoms, 
but this year they are everywhere...

It looks so colorful along the roads, in all directions..

Then there was the story of the Daughter who went on her usual long morning run,
and on her return, had a bear cross the road in front of her.
She stopped and weighed her options as she watched the bear lumber along.
When a car came by driven by a young, eager gold miner with a gold pan on the back seat,
she flagged him down.
After explaining about the bear, she asked for a ride in the direction he was going.
He couldn't tell her which creek he was headed to,
but was happy he had a quarter of a tank of gas left as he dropped her off
to continue on his early morning adventure further from town.
Before leaving for work,
the Daughter gave Mom strict instructions about calling before and after her run!

Due to the housing challenge this summer--lots of people and not as many dwellings-- 
a few local properties have become available.

And the babes continue to grow.....

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  1. Glad that the fellow came along and gave your daughter a lift. Not sure how I'd react if there was a bear lumbering along during my walk. Flowers are so pretty and the baby geese are so cute!


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