Monday, July 30, 2012

Mining Monday~

Swanberg Dredge
sits to the east just outside of Nome's.
It operated as a gold dredge until the 1960's and now serves a dual purpose.

1)  Visitors can walk on the boardwalk reading posted information about the
dredge, area history and mining.  As they wander they get an up close look at the equipment.

2)  During Iditarod Swanberg Dredge is a marker.  When racing teams have reached the dredge, Nome's fire siren signals the incoming musher.  This gives spectators plenty of time to get to the finish line to greet the mushers and their happy teams.

Although, if you asked the birds, they might say the dredge is there
just for them.....

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  1. After I read each of your posts, I head over to Wikipedia for more info. The salt marshes (a guess) in your pictures look very much like those near our home in eastern Long Island. I would love to walk on that board walk and see the dredge and area wild life up close. There is so much about Alaska that most of the rest of the country knows nothing about.


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