Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Mining Knews~

So there I was,
standing in line to use the Restroom
at one of the local eateries.

On the wall behind me was a bulletin board with the usual news and For Sale flyers.
One was for a dredge...$20,000 took it all.

I was waiting in line long enough to read everything several times
(VeRy unusual to have a line there)
before the door opens and two females come out.  
One has her arms filled with big, full water bottles--
The other announces she isn't done in there yet, and closes the door again.

More reading time..
Then a stranger walks up and asks,
"Are you looking for a dredge?"

Mind you, I am wearing a skirt and sandals with heels because it is summer!
At +40', it is summer...but that is another story...

I have washed my hair and even combed it!

So I turn around to look behind me to see which miner-looking person
he was talking to.
We are alone,  except for the guys working in the kitchen.

Turns out, I was reading his sign about the dredge.
I asked if he shipped it up on the barge?
He tells me no, he bought it from the guy who shipped it up...
and decided to sell it earlier in the season.

So this guy bought it, found out he couldn't run it,
and now HE wants to sell it.
This latest owner is from New Hampshire,
with a bad back,
and says he is too old for the amount of work
the dredge requires.
But he invested all of his money and can't leave until he sells it.
We are just starting into July...
I hope he is able to sell it and get home safely!

Then the door opened 
and the person vacated the restroom.

No, she wasn't dressed for summer.....

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  1. Hope he finds a buyer for that dredge and can recoup some of his investment. Guess the lady exiting the ladie's room wasn't a local? :)


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