Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Mining~

It has been a week of good to great weather
so the dredges have been able to get out on the water most of the time.

East Beach is kind of a Free-For-All if you have a 
smaller dredge.
Some of dredges have a boat to ferry back and forth from the beach
at the end of town.

Sledge Island in the background is a mecca for birds!
A safe haven in the big ocean.

Each crafts is unique depending on the builders

and the supplies they have on hand.  

The lucky ones have a canopy which provides shelter from the weather
and possibly a place to sleep for the crew.
Each boat decides how long they are on the water and their rotations.
The more divers/tenders, the longer they can work,
but it also means they profits are more divided.

Each has their own plan.....


  1. Hello Sharon, I am kind of new to your blog, so this is probably a dumb question, but are they mining for? Thanks for sharing your life in Dexter. Have a great week.

  2. My question is the same as Sheila's. What are they dredging for? When dredges are used in our area, it is to clear the channels from sand so that boats can can through.

  3. For everyone mining from their dredges with dreams of "making it big" I do wish them the best of luck. It certainly is not the life for everyone but you have to admire their determination and sense of adventure.


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