Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not Today ~

It seems to run in streaks.
This past week was one of those when
I was repeatedly asked a version of these types of questions:

Are you going to live here forever?
Do you ever want to leave?
What are you going to do now that...? (kids are grown, getting older, etc.)

As I was kneeling in the dirt yesterday pulling weeds
with the sun warming us into the 70's
and the birds flying
on a day so quiet I could hear their wings flap,
I was thinking about it..

Then I looked up 

and decided not to worry about it today.
But, maybe when it gets back to 30' below.....


  1. What a beautiful peaceful setting!

  2. Lovely! I would say that Nome is for the adventurous of spirit, the young at heart and the hearty. I would also say that you are all of that and more. Enjoy your home and all the wonder that it has to offer.


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