Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Options~

The Annual Gold Panning contest was held yesterday.
Seasoned panners and newbies 
gave it a try.

Three nuggets were placed in the pan of sand and they had to "pan" them out,
put the nuggets in a vial,
and lift the pan to stop the clock.

These two were by far the cutest of the panners!

And the winners were:
Center 1st, Right 2nd and the tallest was 3rd.
The one in the center is the only non-miner of the group!

The wind has stirred the water too much lately so no one was dredging
at East Beach.

But, the almost 60' day had the boarders out on the water!

There is always something to do, if you are willing to look at options.....


  1. Marvelous! I like seeing young people involved in gold panning. We don`t have a panning contest here, but we do have a competitive Nugget Hunt with metal detectors and a Treasure Hunt, sponsored by a local charity and managed by my husband, in early September. We`ve had a gold panning booth where we teach people to pan gold. It`s always popular with the kids and tourists. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. What a fun activity for the kids that gold panning must be. Truly hearty souls those boarders are!


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