Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Midnight Sun~

Last night we went visiting
and suddenly it was almost midnight!
It was still sunny and warm as we stood on the grass
near the bonfire.

As we were leaving, we went by their outhouse...

With unique wall and door art..

At midnight it was calmly and serene--except for the protective gull!

This pond at Banner Creek is one used to raised wild salmon eggs which are
returned to the local rivers where they were harvested.

Dwarf Fireweed was blooming by the water's edge in Dexter~

And Bog Marigolds.

New poppies are blooming and the Tall Fireweed will soon be fading.

With the shining sun

I didn't even realize I was still wearing my sunglasses at night

in the "Almost" Midnight Sun.....


  1. It sounds so cool to have the sun shining so many hours in the day, but it must play havoc with your circadian rhythm.

  2. Certainly lots to entertain anyone who has to spend some time in that outhouse. I love how you can name Ll the plants, flowers, wildlife, etc. you photograph for your posts!


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