Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A New Face~

During the 1950's a series of radar stations were built 
in strategic points in Alaska.
Their purpose was to improve communications between systems
that were part of the early-warning system
and they were known as the
WACS (White Alice Communication System).

One of the locations in operation until the 1970's was on 
Anvil Mountain, north of Nome.

After the military finished using them, they continued to be important to the area
as a historical landmark,
and a visual point for planes and travelers.
They were also efficient repeaters for ham radio operators.

Originally there were dorms, offices and radio stations among the structures.
After the 90's all of the buildings except for the towers were removed.
The towers were scheduled to be next,
but the project was held up when many entities objected. 

The compromise is that the skins, reportedly containing asbestos, will be removed-

but the skeletons will remain.

A new face for a familiar site.....


  1. I guess you could call this re-purposing by creating *steel art* from the shells of these towers. Leaving a bit of the military history of Anvil Mountain intact.

  2. Cool (no pun intended) bit of history. I was familiar with the DEW line (even before Rush recorded Distant Early Warning on the Grace Under Pressure LP) but not White Alice.

  3. They remind me of old drive-in movie screens without the white covering. It's amazing how many installations were built during and soon after World War II that are still around in some form.


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