Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Announcement~

Well, here it is
the question of the week (AGAIN) was about retirement
so I will make an blog announcement and
YoU will be the first to know!!

I am thinking that maybe an official announcement will calm everyone's concern..
or at least clarify things!

When will I retire???
(soft drum roll please)

I AlReADy HaVE!!

The most fantastic, only "job" 
that I always wanted, dreamed and hoped for 
was being a Mom.
For a huge part of my life, that gift filled my days,
gave me something to look forward to,
provided playmates always up for a new adventure,
and brought me great pleasure.

But, like most amazing things
it evolved and changed to become something different from how it began.
In this case, it created forced retirement.

Those sweet, fragile babies
have grown, taken flight and are soaring on their own.
As it should be...
They were given roots and wings
and know how to use both well!!

They still make me smile, and warm my heart,
but don't need me the way they once did.

The thing that everyone may not know is that,

Once upon a time,

babies were but one of a list of dreams that I held dear.
I had things to explore and places to see,
many "I wonders" to be answered, mysteries to be solved
and friends I wanted to spend time with.

So, it looks like it is time to get back to ThE List!

But....., if you want to know when the Pilot Man will retire...
you will need to ask him!
His world has always been different than mine,
His flyers keep coming back to land, he still likes playing ball and doing his things.
For the most part, I think he is pretty happy with his days.

Now, what is next on that list.....


  1. Congratulations! My last day of work was the in May after working for forty-three years. I have kept so busy, everyday is an adventure. Someone told me "retirement is like being a teenager, but you have a little money". My husband did retire, just a few weeks later. Enjoy and get started on that "list"!

  2. Congratulations, looking forward to *what's next on that list* I've been *retired* for four years now and can't believe where the time has gone. I was a little concerned that *retiring* would not suit me but honestly, I've been so busy, at times busier than when I was working full-time. Now however, it's all on my terms and I'm doing what I truly love. There's much pleasure and piece of mind in that. Enjoy ;)


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