Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boats, Ships and Busy Waters~

When driving into town along the beach, it is interesting to see what is new
ocean-side with the various watercrafts.

Docked at the port today, was our first major cruise ship of the summer.
The Hanseatic stopped for a few days to let their passengers check out Nome.
From here some of the passengers had planned to depart and fly home,
and new passengers hoped to fly into Nome to board the ship and continue the tour.

While the Hanseatic and its passengers from all over the world were in town,
other boats were traveling about as well.

 This tug is bringing the barge in so it can unload at the port.
Before leaving for its next stop, it will take on new cargo.
Some of the boats are waiting for dock space.

The different crafts maneuver carefully around each other.

On the small boat harbor side, just to the right of the center in the picture below, 
you can see the top of the larger cruise ship
which dwarfs the other boats.

Due to airport issues and our poor weather, the Alaska Airline jets weren't able to land in 
Nome for the passenger exchanges.
The usual flights take the planes across the Arctic Circle to Kotzebue as they travel
between Anchorage-Nome-and back to Anchorage.
Because the airport was useable in Kotzebue, the Hanseatic crew decided to
travel up to Kotzebue to transfer passengers at their airport.
Two passengers did get off the ship in Nome and chartered a Navajo
 (smaller airplane) to Anchorage,
but the rest stayed on to cross the Arctic Circle--
and feel the big bump as they went over it!

After their time in Nome the Hanseatic and its remaining passengers left the port..

and took off for northern waters.....


  1. Is there really a bump when you get to the Arctic circle? I Googled and couldn't find much on a bump. There was an article from 1947, but it sounded more like a joke than reality. There was also a photo of Sarah Palin with a rifle. I guess she was keeping an eye on Russia.

  2. My late mother-in-law took an Alaskan cruise several years ago and now I'm wondering if she was on the Hanseatic and if she saw a bit of Nome!


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