Sunday, August 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter~

Like it or not, we know winter is coming
and we had better plan ahead.

My idea of planning is looking for tickets to a warm, sunny beach!
For the snow days though, we will need wood,
so we headed to the local beach on a sunny, 70* day.


It was such a pretty day to be able to be out!
The weekend sunshine was MUch appreciated after our rain and clouds.

I browsed the beach while the big decisions were being made :o)

The clouds had the neatest colors..

This was the tiniest starfish I have ever seen~

but I had to try and rescue it.

And this was?? Organic, but soft..

As I walked down I saw muskox on the beach looking so cool ,
until the plane scared them and they began to run TOrWards me.  
Good Grief, like there was anyplace to take cover!
 Retreat, retreat!!

When I turned back, I saw this gem..

The water was pretty warm...especially considering what it will become!
We had passed kids playing joyfully, in the ocean on our drive out.

Then it was time to start filling the empty bed..

as the clouds slid overhead

it declared playtime was over.

I forgot my gloves so was wearing some large, insulated gloves that were in the pickup slivers and mighty warm hands!

Someone else was in charge of loading the chainsaw and safety glasses.

Score, the first load is done.....

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  1. I Stopped at the beach yesterday too, but there were only seagulls and plovers on the shore. I can't even imagine muskox running on the sand. Some of the wood you picked up looks really huge. Was it all tree trunks and branches or were some of them pilings or poles?


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