Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl~

Today is the day
we cElebRate YoU and all that you are~

The past 20 years.....  wow.... w  o  o s   h   and they went past,
while the memories remain a treat!

May your future trails be safe,

and filled with sweet moments.....


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. I have a friend who sends her mother a card every year thanking her for giving her life.

  2. She's Gorgeous!! You can tell by her countenance that she has an inner beauty!
    Gmama Jane

  3. A beautiful baby girl all grown up into a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday to your daughter. May all that awaits her in the coming year be wonderful.

  4. Yesterday after a conversation with my soon to be 24 year old daughter, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. You can plant a garden, sew a seam, or make a meal, but none of those things can ever give the pleasure or satisfaction of watching your daughter grow up and blossom into an incredible woman. Enjoy the anniversary of the day on which your incredible woman was born.


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